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Casino greyhounds offer some of the best rural racing action anywhere in Australia. As you would expect when it comes to a New South Wales based greyhound facility everything is done with a real professionalism and enthusiasm. What Casino offers more than this though is an outback style spirit, giving…

Casino greyhounds

Greyhound racing is one of the world most popular races, having officially begun in 1912 by Owen Patrick Smith. Australia features numerous race tracks and competitions for racing enthusiasts locally and internationally. This energetic and exhilarating sport is also regulated by racing associations from all over the world. Betting on these races is an integral part of the game and also attracts millions of fans and bettors from around the globe to take part and enjoy more by placing wagers online and taking home cash.

The races take place on a circular or oval track, usually made of silt, sand or other relatively loose granular particles that help the dogs to maintain a good grip while reaching high speeds. The dogs chase a lure, typically an artificial hare or a rabbit. Before having initially started as an official game, these dog races have been going on for many years, even being a royal sport at one time. Each race usually lasts for fifteen minutes, with an equal number of dogs per race. These races are run back to back for added excitement to the sport. Casino Greyhounds

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Greyhounds are one of the fastest dogs in the world, with speeds reaching up to 45 km/h. Their build is muscular and spine is flexible, allowing them to sprint even further than other dogs. Maintenance of greyhounds is very easy since they’re hair length is really short and they don’t require as much exercise as other dogs do. Known for they’re highly opinionated nature, they cannot be forced into doing anything against their will, hence the lure used to make them race.

The Australian Greyhound Association regulates and promotes racetracks from all over Australia and the adjoining islands such as Tasmania. They support race tracks and the maintenance of the dogs and promote their adoption once they are retired. The association is subdivided into state and district associations, all accountable to the national association. They work diligently to raise awareness of the sport in order to attract more and more fans to participate and bet on the games.

Greyhound racing in Casino

Casino is a wonderful city that was developed in 1840 and has a great cultural heritage. Known as the Beef Capital of Australia, this city features greyhound races in various racetracks dotted around the city. Its racing clubs promotes and feature the dog races on a regular basis and also has its own championships for the games. The Charcoal Inn Casino Cup carries a prize money of 15000$ and above for the greyhound that beats other dogs for first place.

The Casino Greyhound Racing Club is located in Hartley Street, Queen Elizabeth Park. It provides day races on Friday and also gambling centers for bettors and punters. Where dirt is normally used as the surface material of the racing track, this club uses grass for its races. The betting ring also offers a great bar and kiosk facilities for their spectators and bettors. The exhilarating races and great facilities attract hordes of fans and racing enthusiasts who love to experience the great races at the club.

The club also provides kenneling services for the owners of racing greyhounds. Maintenance of the dogs is stressed upon with their facilities that include medical care, nutritional care, trainers and exercise. They believe in keeping the dogs in optimum health to get the best performance during the races. As with all racetracks operating under the Australian Greyhound Racing Association, they assist retired racing greyhound in finding a new home to be adopted into.

Types of Bets in Greyhound racing

Bettors have a large variety to choose from when betting on the races. They could mix and match different bat types to see if they can win more money. The winning wager becomes larger with as the types of bets chosen become more and more complicated with lesser probabilities to win.

One of the most common types of bets is the straight bets or bet to win. You can collect only if you’re choice of dog wins the first place. When you bet to place, then your selection should come in either of the first two positions. When you bet to show, then the dog should come in the first three positions or else you will lose your wager. An across the board option is when you bet on three individual bets on win, place or show. If the dog finishes the first, then you can collect all three, second then you can collect both bets to win and place, and when it comes third position you can collect only the bet to show wager money.

Other types of bets include the exacta, where the first two dogs are bet upon to win the first two positions in the exact order given, the trifecta, where the same rule is applied on the first three to win, a superfecta, where four dogs are bet upon and even twin trifecta, where the trifecta rule applies on two consecutive races.

Bet online on your favorite greyhound

Sitting in Australia can make it difficult to watch and bet on races that are all abroad. In today’s world, greyhound betting at a distance is no longer a problem. All you need is an internet connection and a computer and you can go online and bet on your favorite dogs. Whether you’re sitting at home, at the office or even traveling to another destination, gaining access to betting circles online is no longer a problem.

Many websites feature a range of information such as expert’s tips, tutorials and news updates of races from all over the world. The news is constantly updated and can help keep the bettor on his toes on which decision he has to make next. Go online and try a multitude of websites that are available at your disposal to help you make an informed choice and place wagers on the winning greyhounds.